WTF?? Why didn't Felix Hernandez Win the Cy Young

fencer 18/11/2009

Again Venezuelans got robbed by the american media when our big candidate for winning the big price Felix Hernandez got the second place with just a couple of votes for winning the first place :-S , this just shows how sad it is to be a Latin-American Baseball player in the US, even when he was the biggest winner in all the American League despite he didn’t got the best ERA, they just stepped over him and dismissed his good labor.

An American Baseball fan said:

Let’s see, Felix had 3 more wins(tied for MLB lead), 3 fewer losses and more innings pitched than Greinke. He was 1st in quality starts, 1st in win percentage and 1st in BAA…those stats deserve better than 7% of the 1st place votes. Greinke wasn’t dominant enough to get all the first place votes. But it’s a moot point regardless, Felix will be King in 2010.
source: With Leather

So thats why I say WTF is wrong with you people, we had already lost some Cy Young awards because of your proven bias towards American Pitchers…


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  1. Wow. Just wow. Your guy doesn't win, and since he's Latin American you immediately pull out the race card and insinuate that all Latinos get ignored due to race. What about all the Latin Americans who have won the Cy Young in recent years? Johan Santana twice? Bartolo Colon? Pedro Martinez three times? Spiteful sour grapes on your part. Look for the real reasons instead of screaming "race."